Our Products

The broad range of our production output today reflects a long-standing focus on innovation, technical research and in-house process development. From rubber-based matting to recycled plastic roofing, or value-added bio-fuel, comprehensive product diversity is always a key priority here at TRACC.

Safe-Play Surfaces
Supershred Mulch
Anti-Fatigue Mats
Safe-Play Playground Surfaces
Safe-Play recycled rubber playground surfaces are environmentally green and kid-safe in every respect.
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Supershred Mulch
Supershred recycled rubber mulch is 100% environmentally safe and provides a major advantage in any landscaping project.
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TRACC's TOUGHLOC floor mats are specifically designed for high traffic areas in special purpose facilities such as hockey arenas, gyms, baseball dugouts, woodworking shops, factory catwalks and any other location where extra support underfoot is essential.
Anti-Fatigue Mats
TRACC's advanced anti-fatigue mats provide unique two-sided cushioning support for industrial workers who spend long hours on foot.
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