3/8” Premium Crumb

Ideal for use as an alternative to crushed rock, this premium recycled rubber is the perfect sustainable option for paths & walkways, horse arenas, golf cart paths, and more. The light but dense material makes it great for fill, aeration, and many other applications that would otherwise require crushed rock.


Made from a high-quality recycled rubber, our 3/8” Premium Crumb contains absolutely no steel, fiber, or other foreign materials. The durable and soft texture helps ensure no degradation over time, making it great for drain tile, fill, and other projects meant for long-term solutions.

The rubber has a high resistance to freezing temperatures to help ensure durability over time. This is another reason it’s being used more and more for paths and walkways; once the sun hits this recycled rubber it immediately warms it to help with thawing and melting any ice build up around it.

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Sold in bulk 2,000 lb. 'Super Sacks'


One square foot of coverage, 2" deep, for every 4 to 4.5 pounds of product.