Safe-Play Playground Surfacing

Our 100% recycled rubber playground surfacing option is perfect for any play area, big or small. This synthetic crushed rock will out-perform natural surfacing products in every way while adding value and sustainability to the area. Fully tested to meet IPEMA specifications, this premium surfacing product will ensure a safe, clean playground.


In addition to adding extra safety, our Safe-Play Playground Surfacing will add a number of benefits to any project it’s used on. Made from recycled butyl rubber, it will have a high resistance to extreme temperatures and will resist freezing earlier/later into the year.

Product benefits:

  • Reduces mud and dust on the playground. Unlike natural surfaces like pea gravel or crushed rock, this surfacing won’t break down and turn to dirt/dust over time.
  • Impedes mold and mildew growth compared to natural playground surfacing.
  • The durable and soft texture of the product means you’ll require less material to ensure the same safety you would with natural products like wood, pea gravel, and crushed rock.

Looking for more information on our Safe-Playground Surfacing? Contact us today! We’re more than happy to help any way we can.


Sold in bulk 2,000 lb. 'Super Sacks'


One square foot of coverage, 6" deep, for every 18 to 20 pounds of product.