Horse Rings & Arenas

Our horse arena footing products are sure to add value, sustainability, and quality to any horse arena or practice ring. Decreased dust, increased aeration, improved shock absorption, and better drainage are just some of the immediate and long-term benefits you’ll receive after installing our footing products.


Our full line of horse arena footing products covers a wide variety of benefits for both indoor and outdoor horse arenas and practice rings. These 100% recycled rubber products are sustainable, lightweight, and completely free of foreign materials.

Our footing products include:

  • Premium 3/8” Crumb – This crumb rubber product is one of the most common recycled rubber footing products. Similar to a synthetic crushed rock, it’s easy to work into any indoor or outdoor arena. In addition to better footing, it also helps keep the ground from freezing earlier/later into the year so you can enjoy your arena longer!
  • Butyl Trimmings – This premium recycled rubber product makes a great addition to any outdoor arena or practice ring prone to water collection, mud, and clumping. Not only does it help keep the ground aerated, it also improves shock absorption to help reduce stress on your horses’ limbs and joints.
  • Spaghetti Rubber – Our Spaghetti Rubber is most commonly used in indoor applications. Its light weight and unique density helps improve shock absorption and reduce clumping. Some arena owners have even used it as their primary footing product for a 100% recycled rubber surface.

Looking for more information on our horse arena footing products? Contact us today! We’re more than happy to help any way we can.