SuperShred Mulch

Our recycled rubber landscaping mulch is an industry leading product in both look and overall quality. Made using a customized shredding process, our SuperShred Mulch is the perfect blend of larger and finer pieces to make decorating your garden easier than ever. Available in Black and Cedar Red, our rubber mulch will add long-lasting beauty to any landscaping project.


Made from 100% recycled rubber, our SuperShred Mulch is the perfect option for adding sustainability to your landscaping project. This high-end recycled rubber is sure to last years before needing to be replaced. Its light weight and dense material makes it easy to work with and helps ensure it stays in place even in harsh weather. In addition to lasting you years, there is a long list of benefits for incorporating rubber mulch into your garden:

  • Our mulch impedes mold, mildew, and weed growth.
  • It’s painted with an industrial strength, non-toxic, environmentally friendly paint.
  • The rubber pieces allow more nutrients to reach the soil and help your plants thrive later into the season.

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Sold in 40 lb. bags


One 40 lb. bag provides roughly 10 sq. ft. of coverage, 2" deep, depending on desired fluffiness.


Cedar Red, Black


$25.00 + applicable taxes and shipping per 40 lb. bag. ($2.50 per square foot 2 inches deep)