Rubber Matting

Ideal for horse stalls, gym floors, and anti-fatigue mats, our ToughLoc Rubber Mats are available in 3/4″ thicknesses. Available in interlocking edges, straight edges, and custom designs to fit your area perfectly. Our rubber mats will add long-lasting protection to any surface they’re used on while adding an extra layer of comfort to help relieve lower back and limb stress.


Our ToughLoc Rubber Mats have become one of the most used industrial strength mats for gyms, garages, and horse stalls in Atlantic Canada due to their durable and long-lasting design. Custom cut for every project, we ensure each piece fits together perfectly to fit your dimensions without sacrificing the look or quality. In addition to being available in straight cut or interlocking sheets, we also offer custom designs, shapes, and engravings.

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Available Sizes

1/2" thick (4×6'), 3/4" thick (4×6')


Straight Edge, Interlocking Edge, Custom Edge Design

Optional Services

Custom Cutting, Custom Logo Engraving, Custom Welcome Mats